Home Inspection Checklist

Our comprehensive checklist assures you we miss nothing in your inspection. This checklist covers:

  • roof sheeting and roof cavity
  • patio, verandahs and attached structures (eg. pergolas)
  • outbuildings, fencing and retaining walls
  • stairs and hand rails
  • tie downs, garage and carport areas
  • floors and sub-floor areas
  • cupboards
  • tiling and bathroom areas, including showers and toilets
  • water pressure and insulation
  • gutters, downpipes, seepage areas, stormwater and surface water drainage areas
  • termites, borers and wet rot
  • damage caused by timber pests
  • recommendations regarding treatments, repairs and preventative methods

All inspections are carried out by QBSA (Queensland Building Services Authority) licensed and insured inspectors. Two independent specialist inspectors are allocated to each combined Building & Pest Inspection from Beenleigh to Caboolture and west to Ipswich. We have inspectors in all areas.

Terms & Conditions

Before conducting the inspection we will send you our ‘Terms of Engagement’ fully outlining the extent of our inspection and services rendered – this is important as it tells you exactly what is offered and what limitations apply.

Australian Standards

We carry out all inspections in accordance with the Australian Standards.

Australian standards are important to provide a common platform for the way we provide services in Australia. It is therefore important the Australian Standards are used as a guide and that businesses provide a high quality of service.

Professional Credentials

License – QBSA Licence No. 1097513

Insurance for both building & pest inspection provided by Rapid Solutions:
– Public & Products Liability – $5 million
– Professional Indemnity – $2 million